Mom and Me and Long Summer – Part 2


We both slept sound because we were tired from everything that we did the day before. I was having a dream about me and mom naked on an island. I had this before, but in the other dreams, mom and I just ran around playing and swimming. In this dream mom and I were having sex on a large empty beach with no human on the whole island. We were alone and we didn’t care. As I was getting to the part where mom was about to cum: “Honey, its time to get up.” Mom said as she took the sheet off of me. “Shit”, I thought to myself. I wanted to finish that dream. “Hay but wait.” I am fucking my mom. Mom looks at me and says: “I see that I have already got you started”. I looked down to see that I had another one of my morning hard ons. Mom sits” down beside me and before I knew what was going on, she had mounted me and pushed me pack on our bed. “This will be a quick one” mom said as she clinches her pussy very tightly and pumps me hard. We kiss and feel each other as we row all over the bed. We both fall to the floor and mom pins me down and keeps fucking me hard. Within about ten minutes I shot into mom’s love box. Mom gets up and looks down at me. “Go clean up honey, we have things to do today.” She said as mom walks into the bathroom with my cum running down her legs.
After cleaning up and eating breakfast, mom told me that we needed to get dressed so that we could go to town and get some things. “But mom I want to spend the day here with you.” I said in a sad voice. “Well, we need to get some things to eat, and I promise you I will make it fun for the both of us.” Mom said in her sweet voice. As we got dressed, I noticed that mom was putting on a sun dress that hugged tightly to her curvy body. Mom didn’t put on any underwear as she hated wearing them. “Time to go honey” mom said. We got into the van that mom just bought. This was one of these customs vans that were popular before mini-vans killed them off. The van was large with tinted windows; a cassette played, captain chairs and even had a bed in the back. Mom called it her Fun wagon. “You have everything?” Mom asked. “Yes.” I answer back. “Good, then let’s hit the road.
We lived a farm and the closest large town is almost an hour away. So we have some time to talk before we would get there. As we hit the main road mom says: “Shit it’s hot today,” as she turns on the air conditioner and aims the dash vents down towards her pussy. Mom then pulls up her dress so that the air vent hits her. Mom’s dress pulled so far up that she is naked from her belly down. “Oh god that feels so good.” Mom said. Mom looks at me and tells me to do the same. As we hit the interstate mom put the van on cruse control as I am taking off the last of my cloths. As I sit there with my feet on the dash board and my legs spread, I have the vent aimed at my cock. The cool air feels so good. “Better isn’t it? Mom asks me. “Sure does.” I respond. Mom now had her legs on the arms of her seat and has one hand between her legs playing with herself. Seeing this, I am hard and mom knows it. “Turn you seat to me dear.” Mom says as she puts her legs back down. I turn the captain’s chair so that I can look at mom. She then turns her seat in a way the she can still see the road but her feet ate on my cock. Then with her right hand reaches over and grabs me. I get harder as she strokes it. Doing this almost caused mom to rear ended a slow moving car in front of us. We stop doing what we were doing. After a few minutes mom takes an off ramp and leaves the interstate. Mom drives the van to a wooded area that is part of a state park. Mom drives to a spot that we have been before for picnics and nude hikes and people seldom come here. Mom stops the van and but leaves it running so we can stay cool. “Get in the back”, mom says. I lay on the bed and mom climbs on top of me sliding my cock inside of her. And we go at it until mom grabs my balls and puts a finger in my ass. I pop my load into her. We kiss for a minute or two and then mom gets off of me and cleans herself off. Then we hit the road again. We are both still naked as mom hits the interstate. We dress in the parking lot after arriving at the store.
It was early and the store was unusually empty this day. As we shop mom keeps pulling up her dress and flashed me. I am hard the whole time that we are there. As we continue shopping, I notice that mom is getting a lot of things that she seldom buys: bottles of chocolate syrup, and cooking oil, many boxes of Jell-O. If it had sugar mom bought it. Mom got so much stuff that we had filled up two carts, then had to pay for what we had take it to the van and go back to get more things. “What is all this for.” I asked mom. “Oh, I have some cooking to do honey.” Mom said with a smile. I knew by that smile that mom was up to something wicket.
After we finished getting what was needed we load everything into our van. Then we left. Soon mom made another stop at a little strip mall. There, mom let me go into a record store so that I could buy some new music. I quickly found what I wanted, paid for the items and left. Outside I noticed that mom was coming out of an adult store carrying several large bags. I guess that this was the same store that mom got me the magazines and videos. When mom saw me and knew that I saw that she had come out of the store, she gave me a smile and said: “Busted, now don’t spoil the surprise that I have for you.” As we got into the van, mom handed me one of the magazines that she had gotten for me. This was a really hard core mag and far more graphic that the others that mom got for my birthday. “Now you can’t see the rest of this stuff until latter.” Mom said as we left the parking lot and headed back home.
Once on the interstate, mom lifted up her dress again and asked me to undress again. As I was still looking at the porn mag, I was very hard. Mom said: “Why don’t you relive yourself honey.” I turn the captain’s chair so that mom can watch. Mom lifts up her arm rest and I lay my leg across her seat so that my feet age in her lap. As mom sets the cruse control, I start jerking off for mom. By now I had laid the mag down and watched as mom was fingering herself with her free hand. Soon things were too hot for the both of us to handle. Mom found an off ramp and drove until she found an isolated spot on an old abandon house. There we went to the back of the van and masturbated each other until we both got off at the same time. I laid in the back and looked at other mags while we headed back home. As we got home and mom stopped the van she looked at me and said: See, I told you that this would be fun.”

Date: 16 lutego, 2018

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